That first real workout after you have your baby is a rough one. I know. I have 3 kids. I fell into a slump. The worst was getting motivated after my anna (my 3rd). I battled severe anxiety/postpartum issues. It was all tied in with asthma flares. Not fun. What’s worse than an asthmatic having a panic attack and hyperventilating?
It killed my workouts. I am lucky I found doctors that helped me get back on track. I think I’m finally on the up and up.

The first thing I did, I jumped right into getting my nutrition back on point. I eat a ratio of 50% protein, 30% carbs, and 20% fat to lean out. Its what works for me after years of training and dieting. I fluctuate based on workout loads and other variables.

I keep track of my intake with my fitness pal. If you don’t have the app, download it, its helpful for beginners. If your nutrition is not on point, your workouts will suffer, you cannot out-train a bad diet. I stressed that to my clients all the time.

I started with simple walking once I got the ok from my midwife to return to normal activity (after about 6 weeks). I live in the mountains in rural Pennsylvania. I have access to the beautiful Youghiogheny River Trail. I would pack up my thule stroller, the baby, and my dogs, and just walk. It built up my endurance and cardio.

I started to add in my active stroll workout from It’s perfect. It has different levels 1-3, you can adjust the difficulty to your fitness level. active stroll workout

If you have access in your area, check out Fit 4 Mom. Their Stroller Strides program is a total body workout designed for moms with baby in tow. Its a great program with a supportive community base.

I joined my local YMCA and I started weight training. You can check out my pinterest fitness board for weight training programs. My favorite go-to program is jamie eason’s live fit program. It is one of the best and most detailed program I have come across. She breaks down exercises, meal plans, recipes etc. it is an excellent place to start.

There are days i can’t make it to the gym so I look online for workouts. I found butt-kicking workouts on YouTube. I recommend investing in simple 3-10 pound dumbbells, a mat, and medicine ball. You can find them at walmart or target!

My advice is to start simple. do what you can. Fitness takes time, you cannot rush the process, just like pregnancy. If you go in with a patient and motivated mindset, you will bounce back.

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