Love thrifting? Me too! I’ve been trying to find ways to get better at it and find more stuff that I like and want. Here are some tips on how to thrift like a pro!

#1: If you’re new to thrifting, or even if you’re an old timer, you’re going to want to search online for second hand shops and thrift stores in your area. Even if you think you know all the best spots, new ones can pop up at any time!

#2: Think about what you want before you go. Even if you don’t find exactly what you were looking for, it’s good to have a general idea of what you want, that way you won’t get overwhelmed with everything in the store!

#3: Set limits. Know how much you want to spend before you even leave your house. If you plan on going to multiple stores, set a limit for each store, that way if you spend less in one store, you can spend a little bit more in another!

#4: Take your time! Thrift store shopping shouldn’t be rushed, you should have time to really go through each section so you can find the best stuff.

#5: Make sure once you’ve collected a pile of goods that you re-examine each one. The number one reason for this is to make sure there aren’t any big flaws in the things you want to purchase (such as holes in a sweater, or a zipper that doesn’t work) and the other reason is to make sure you actually want each item, so you don’t overspend! It’s also good to make sure the item is clean.

#6: Here are a couple of things you should definitely AVOID buying at a thrift store: Mattresses, helmets, underwear, swim wear, stuffed animals, make-up, running shoes, and appliances.

#7: Look out for vintage and brand name items (especially if you’re looking to resell things!). Know some good name brands before you go shopping so you know what quality things to look out for!

#8: Have fun!!! If you can’t find what you’re looking for that’s okay! Each time you thrift shop there will always be surprises, and it’s an adventure, so enjoy yourself!

Happy Thrifting!

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