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The Social  Media Influencer App .

Use Social Media to get paid.

Simple. Bold . Innovative

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How it Works

If you if have under 100 k social media followers then your a Micro Influencer and the right fit for this app.


Influencers can post Tips , Tutorials , & Ideas on the app as well .


Easily share your posts on Instagram , Twitter , Facebook or Youtube from Icarus.


Let your followers know that you can take business inquiries on Icarus and promote their brand, products and more by simply posting it on your social media platforms using Icarus.


Clients can chat with Influencers and discuss their needs. Get hire influencers and pay them from our app directly . Gigs as low as $10 all the way upto $1000.


Create unique tutorials or guides with our breakthrough photo interface.

The easiest way to create tutorials and build an audience as an aspiring influencer.

Use your Influencer skills to get clients to pay you to share brands , products and more using your social media accounts.

Earn titles as your following grows. Become an Influencer.

Powerful & Innovative yet Simple.

The App that allows Micro Influencers to build their brand and promote and make a living using the power of Social Media.

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